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Protect Your Engine -

Maintenance Pays Dividends!

Filter Express, LLC is a first-rate filter cleaning service using vacuum and air on used air filters.  Our process will not damage your filters, but can extend the life of your filters.  Depending on the filter, some filters can be cleaned up to 9 times or more!  Our service extends beyond air filters with the ability to clean grain elevator socks to help reduce even more cost!


We test used filters by using two different machines.  The first machine is used to check for any tears, holes, bends and weaknesses to ensure the filter is acceptable to reuse.  The second machine tests for air flow through the filter to make sure it is "breathing" correctly.  Once the filter is determined as acceptable to reuse, it is wiped clean, placed in a clean sack, and boxed up to be delivered back to our client.

Competitive Pricing

By vacuuming with air, you can reuse the filter multiple times.  That is cutting your cost even more!

Air filters are placed in a soak tank for several hours using our Cyclo-Rinse Filter Cleaning compound.

Ask About Our Deals
On New Filters

For when your filters have had their last round of cleaning, we offer brand new filters at great prices.  We are proud to carry Baldwin Filters because they are known for their world class quality, true heavy-duty performance and exceptional value.

Professional Care Of
Your Filters

Filter Express, LLC takes pride in providing professional and dependable service to our customers.  By using a patented cleaning process, we can give you the product and service you expect.